ISO 27001

ISO 27000 is a huge family of internationally recognized standards for different types of organizations and ISO 27001 is one of them. ISO started this information management security standard in 2005 to help organizations in bringing information security under explicit management control. This certification makes sure that the businesses have a documented Information Security Management System in place. The certification includes several standards that enable businesses to establish, implement, operate, monitor, review and maintain the system of documentation properly. The certification is specifically designed for all sectors of industry and commerce such as finance, health, public and IT sectors. In other words, the certification is meant for those businesses where protection of information is critical.

How to get the certification

The ISO/IEC 27001 certification process involves different stages. First of all consultants from ISO/IEC 27001 certification body visit the office for an informal review of the ISMS to scrutinize the existing process of documentation. Hence, the consultants and auditors become familiar with the organization's information security policy, Statement of Applicability and Risk Treatment Plan. In the next stage, the business is using the internationally accepted information management security standards. After designing and implementing the standards, the certification body issues the certification to the company. After issuance of certification, the consultants conduct the annual follow-up audits to make sure that the organization’s process of documentation is in compliance with the ISMS standards.


The certification has many benefits for the organizations such as follows:

  • The organizations become able to reduce the costs related to security breaches
  • Due to low risks, the organizations get to reduce the insurance premiums
  • The organizations are in better position to comply with the legal and contractual specifications
  • The certification enhances the productivity of employees
  • The organizations get to use this certification as badge of honor to advertise their services and products with more confidence

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