ISO/IEC 17025

SO 17025, an internationally accepted standard for laboratories specializing in testing and calibration, specifies the general requirements to ensure the competence of testing and calibration laboratories. ISO started this specification in 1999 for the improvement of the services of laboratories. The certification was specifically designed for laboratories so that they can improve the quality of tanks, truck sale and clean rooms. It also plays an important role in improving several kinds of measurement equipments like ammeters, scales, pipettes, calipers, gauges, hydrometers, weights and multimeters.


ISO 17025 certification can be very beneficial for all calibration laboratories and organizations that produce testing and calibration results namely health, electronics, construction and engineering. Most clients prefer the services of calibration laboratories that are with ISO 17025 certified because the certification ensures that the laboratories have highly qualified employees and they use advanced equipments. Directory of Accredited Laboratories mostly includes ISO 17025 certified laboratories. The clients use this directory to identify the laboratories accredited. As s result, the number of clients of such laboratories increases rapidly. We are serving the entire country of KSA covering Makah, Medina, Riyadh, Jeddah, Khobar and Dammam.

We are an ideal ISO 17025 consultant company and provide our clients with the best services the get the certification. The certification process is not very complicated as it starts with evaluation. In the evaluation process, our highly professional consultants visit your office to scrutinize the existing system and technology being used. We help you to make sure that your organization has in place the technology which meets calibration requirements and you have a team of expert individuals who are well versed in all calibration services. This certification has many benefits for organizations as follows:


  • The organizations get use the certification as badge of honor to improve their reputation and advertise their services in more effective manner.

  • The certification reduces the chances of errors by large extent; hence they do not need to re-test their result which saves time and money.

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