What is HACCP ISO 22000?

HACCP ISO 22000 is an internationally recognized specification for organizations to manage food safety. ISO started this specification to help organizations within the food supply chain to manage and control food hazard and risks. The basic purpose of this certification is to make sure that the organizations have systematic identification and management of food safety hazards so that they can serve and deliver the food and related products with greater confidence. Hence, the certification ensures the food safety assurance in food chain..

HACCP ISO 22000 certification is for whom?

The specification is specifically designed for food processors, food manufactures, retailers, storage facilities and transporters, hotels, restaurants and catering institutes.

The food supply chain involves different elements such as farming, equipment, utensil, ingredients and additives suppliers, packaging materials, logistics and transport of foods. The standard covers all these elements to ensure safety and health of consumers.


BThe HACCP ISO 22000 certification has many benefits for the organizations.

  • Firstly, a HACCP ISO 22000 certified organization successfully demonstrates its commitment and competence to manage food hazards to control risks.

  • Secondly, the organization is can communicate with the public, authorities, suppliers and customers in an effective manner with more confidence.

  • Thirdly, the organizations get to improve their current operations and administrative practices by integrating the international standards into their organizational procedures.

  • Since the food supply major players are keen of HACCP ISO 22000, the certification enhances the reputation of the business amongst suppliers and customers. Resultantly, the business performance is improved by a very large extent.

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