CE Marking

CE is the symbol used in all EU official documents and on all products purchased within European Economic Area. Initially the term used was "EC Mark" which was replaced by CE Marking in 1993. All the Product manufacturers within European Economic Area have to affix CE marking on their products. This marking ensures that all the products are properly assessed according to European Union standards such as EU safety, health and environmental protection requirements before they are placed in the market.

Benefits of CE Marking

CE Marking is an effective way for manufacturers and distributors to trade products in countries within EEA. It has several benefits.

  • Firstly, when a product has CE Marking on it, it implies that the product has been manufactured in compliance with all essential EU requirements such as health, safety and environmental protection legislation.

  • Secondly, by having CE Marking on you products, you are entitled to freely trade your products within 28 countries of EFTA & European Union. Hence, CE Marking is a great way to explore new markets for your product.

  • Thirdly, CE Marking on a product is an indication for governmental officials that the particular successfully meets all the EEA requirements; hence, it can legally be placed on the market in countries within EEA.

As a consulting company, we help manufacturers though the process of affixing the CE marking to their specific products. There are different requirements European Economic Area that you must meet to be able to affix CE Marking on the products you manufacture or distribute. For all distributors or importers, it is necessary to meet requirements of European Economic Area to be qualified to trade their products freely within EEA. Our highly talented consultants are capable of providing CE Marking services enabling you to affix CE Marking on products. We serve the entire country of KSA covering Makah, Medina, Riyadh, Jeddah, Khobar and Dammam.

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